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Alight, I’m desperately looking for a movie or tv show (could’ve been an anthology series) I saw in the late 90s/ early 2000s (98 to like 02) on tv as a kid. I remember it pretty vividly too. A little girl is on her bed crying and screaming. Her family is assuring her that there is nothing/no one under the bed (leaving me to imply she had been scared of monsters or something under her bed at one point). While this is happening she is having visions (or flashbacks) of a man, not showing his face, digging a hole and burying her alive. She continues having these visions of the shadowy figure with a shovel, digging and burying her, throughout the episode until she has one that reveals his face for a split second. Meanwhile the father is with this man (apparently they know each other somehow) and they’re walking through the woods. He leads the father to a burial ground full of small graves (that of children). I recall the father making a comment like “Why are they all so small” or “Why are there so many of them.” They circle the perimeter til the father notices his son (Who was earlier helping to calm down the daughter) on the ground tied up. As the father approaches his son, the man keeps close behind him and hits him in the back of the head (I think with the shovel). I can’t recall much after that, but I think the father fights off the man. My memory may have slightly altered little things over time but this is how I remember it. If anyone can tell me the name of this film/tv episode about a man who buries children alive in his own secret burial ground in the woods, it would be most appreciated.

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    1. Hey, thank you very much for the reply. Unfortunately this wasn’t it (it was cool though, and kind of similar, I haven’t even been able to find something with a kid being buried). In what I’m looking for, the little girl having her visions/flashbacks/premonitions made up the bulk of the runtime, leading up to the revealment of the killer in her mind. Lots of her freaking out and seeing the shovel digging into rocks. And I distinctly remember the killer being a man. And I’m pretty sure the family lived in a cabin-like house in the woods(like they were on vacation or something). Also since I was watching it on Tv it could’ve been an older film, like came out a few years prior, but I don’t think it could’ve been older than the 90s. Maybe that’ll help a little more.

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