Need help remembering the name of a movie

Hi, I can’t remember the name of the movie I saw it when I was younger. I do remember a few scenes from the film. It a bit graphic but remember it was something hard to forgot.

Now the parts I remember were a group of men not sure if they were raiding or breaking into this house with a woman inside. The leader of this group told his men to raise and hold her up, opening her legs. Before he forced himself on her, his men spit on his hand as lubricant, then he beings the action. Later in the movie, he was having a hot and I believe it was a circular wooden bathtub. The woman who he toke advantage of, got into the tub and went on top of him (facing him) and begin having sex with him. That’s all I can remember. It looked like it was set around the old ages of Italy or something. Again I was child around my preteens so that’s all I can remember. Thanks in advance

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