Need help finding a old horror movie

So there is a horror movie that I always remembered but never knew what it was called.

All I remember is I was very young at the time in the early 90s but I’m sure the movie was older possibly 70s? Based on the one characters clothes.

I remember a groups of young adults going to a cafe / diner I think the one female was in a all blue cat suit/jumpsuit with flared legs might have been denim . And they all put money in this large bowl/vase to gain entry to something (how it came about I don’t remember) but once they all paid they gained entry to this cave or dungeon, where they have to make it through different rooms/areas, one room I remember was a large dining room and I think dishes of gross items , and another with a coffin /tomb maybe ? With a grotesque looking mummy /corpse where maggots come out of the eyes.

I vaguely remember the ending they find some day light and come out the other end which is like a grassy hilly side when they get down there is a road and a police office that they go to for help I presume.


It’s not much but that’s all I remember. I really want to find this movie as i believe it was the first horror I ever watched and it’s bugged me for the rest of my life lol.

Thanks to any help I get

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