Nazis kill or worship werewolf deamon

Okay I saw this movie in the late 80’s or very early 90’s. I was at my friends house – his grandparents came over and we all say around eating pop corn and watched this nice family movie (color, English, VHS). My friend and his siblings left the room but something in the popcorn kept me glued to the screen. His parents insisted I watched the movie.

All I can remember is an evil devil-like werewolf monster was being chased (I think) thru these old buildings by nazi soldiers???  I sometimes wonder if the deamon was their leader… You saw his shadow a lot and heard his growl.   This didn’t seem like a thriller movie and it’s not like the whole town was looking for the deamon.  I swear this movie was the family’s cult show and they were crazy devil worshippers because a month later I was playing at my same friends house and I found cat or kitten carcasses burn and melted in their firepit out back. I showed them to my buddy and he seemed like it was totally normal….  I stopped going over there after that.

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