Narrator describes his own life and death

What a great site.  Although I have my own specific question, it’s easy to get caught up in some of these movie memories.

Anyway, I recall seeing a classic movie (B/W) on the Turner Classic Movies channel in the mid to late-2000s.

I’m certain the opening scene was of the star & narrator laying face down (dead) in a pool as he begins to describe how he came to be found in that state. In fact he may have used similar words to describe his condition.

I think he describes his life coming to town.  I think he may have been a journalist or writer.  I recall he was a bit of a playboy.  I cannot remember much of the movie, but at the end, things seemed to be coming to a head.  He met a woman in an apartment at the top of some stairs.  I think this may have been his true love?  I remember a breathless/desperate discussion involving plans to get away, but he had to delay for some reason, probably the “other woman”.

There’s this vague memory of an older woman being involved, but I just can’t place her.  Perhaps she was his meal ticket?  Maybe she’s the one that killed him?  I think she was very wealthy.

I remember this movie as being full of intrigue and suspense.  I’d love to see it again, if I could only remember the title.

I appreciate your assistance in helping me to rediscover this classic movie.

5 thoughts on “Narrator describes his own life and death

  1. Wow. I love this site. Thank you. I just read the synopsis of Sunset Blvd on IMDB and it is indeed the movie I remembered. Thank you so much GG and LivingHead! Now I have a plan for this weekend’s movie night!

  2. Ouch Livinghead: right movie, wrong title. GG scores on the rebound! I believe Sunset Boulevard is one of the greatest movies ever made, and I’m surprised you guys got here before I did.

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