name of movie

Hi guys…

I am looking for a space anime movie I saw in the 80`s as a young boy.

I cant remeber the name or the plot 100%, and I am not sure if it was a part of a series or if it was one movie.

Anyway in the movie they used a ship/boat as a starship and the heroes in the movie used a star worn on their chest to alter into hero giants.

I guess when I say boat or ship everyone thinks of cap harlock or spaceship yamato/starblazers, but I dont think this is it because I have seached on the nett, and I cant find the particular episode I am talking about in any of those series.

I also remember that the foes in the movies was wearing horned helmets and had green eyes carrying blazers and they were like the footsoldiers and there were many of them.

In the end of the movie as I can remeber one of the crew or heroes  a girl ofcourse is tied down on a planet and a giant monster is about to get her, when one of her fellow crew comes to her rescue. By taking the star worn on his chest and removes it up on to his forehead and thats when he changes into a giant.And are able to match the giant monster.

I am not sure if all the heroes in the movie has this abillity or if it is only the one hero.

Hope anyone can help me out here…

Best regards Paul

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