naked man falling

so, I dont really remember much and for some reason it bothers me I can only remember this one part. Ive been searching for what this movie is for forever…

All I remember is that there is a guy ( I remember it being richard masur, but now I dont think it is) he is in an apartment in a very tall building. something happens and he either gets pushed or falls out of the window naked. as he is falling backwards the camera is looking down at him flailing about and as he falls and you see his whole body.

noone else in my family remembers watching it. I think they think I made it up. but its got to be made before 1990 because I saw it before 1991 on VHS.


5 thoughts on “naked man falling

    1. haha. yea that is totally it. and it doesnt surprise me why I dont remember anything else seeing how this seems to be the very begining of the movie and my parents turned it off right after that scene. thanks. mystery solved.

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