Mystery movie about three friends and an island with a fake monster


Im sorry I seem desperate but I’ve been trying to figure this out for the past month. I saw this movie when I was little, maybe around the late 1900’s or early 2000’s. A quick summary about the movie, (or all that I can remember) there were three boys who looked to be around 13 and one of them was named Pete, his dad was an explorer. They travel to an island with an African girl (i can’t remember)? There they meet this lady who wants to tear down the island to build a theme park. The boys want to stop her since the people in the island believe there is a monster living in one of the caves (forgot the monsters name).

heres some more scattered details:

*pete likes this African American girl with puffy hair, and he gets teased for it while the boys are sleeping one night, and she breaks in. Or maybe she was already there I forgot.

*at the end the boys and the girl discover that the “monster” isn’t real, and it was just a person in a costume (can’t remember who) that was terrorizing the people on the island from inside a cave.

*i remember a scene where a truck rammed into the African girls home and destroyed part of it, and the whole “village” gets scared as well and devastated. The girl cries to Peter and the boys, and they come to investigate. I can’t remember if they found any clues.

*i also remember a scene at the beginning, kinda like the intro before the move: where there is this auction, and a painting is being sold for a lot of money. But little do the people know, that the painting is a fake. Because the boys explains that the artist who painted the original one would never print his signature on his art, but the painting being sold had one. Therefor it was a fake. (I also s can’t remember if this scene might have been in the end.

*but I do know in the end, Pete gets a kiss from the African girl he likes, and the boys drive off in a car.

this was really long I’m sorry. It’s funny how I practically know the whole thing but I can’t remember the movie. It was a old movie with an island on the cover I think.

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    1. Thank you so much for replaying to my comment!! You don’t know how excited I am to remember this movie, thank you so much for letting me know✌?

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