Mysterious angels from the 90s

A memory of a film has been bugging me for years. Neither of my parents who I watched it with have any memory of it but I know it existed!

The scene I remember most vividly is a teenage boy (around 16/17) driving in a car trying to get away from a place in search of bad guys. An angel appeared in his wing mirror to offer advice. She was younger than him, around 10 or so, but appeared several times throughout the film.

The film had good vs bad angel vibe, the good ones always being dressed in white. There was a non-family member helping the teenage boy through, and I’m pretty sure he was trying to save the day because the bad guys (angels?) had killed his mum.

They arrived at the HQ of the bad angel people and it was a cave type structure where they tied their victims into sticky spider web stuff matierial against the walls. That’s all I remember of the plot.

It was between 1996-1999 that I saw this on TV. I’m pretty sure it was a film but we didn’t own it. It was in English and in colour. I’m 90% sure it was American.

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