My wife vaguely remembers this movie

Hey folks,

Any help would be appreciated. Today we were talking about horror movies and my wife and sister-in-law instantly remembered a movie from when they were much younger. The only problem is they don’t remember much about it at all and it’s driving ME crazy more than it is them. So here goes…

  • They remember watching this in the late 80s or early to mid 90s.
  • Opens with 4 to 6 people (couples?) in an older car driving down a road when they come across the front panel of a house in or on the edge of the woods. It is only the front of the house. They can clearly walk around the side and see that the rest of the house isn’t there. When they open the door it opens to what looks like an abandoned/rundown/spooky house.
  • It’s a horror movie and the house or something within seems to be playing tricks on them as things keep disappearing.
  • There is some sort of supernatural ghostly/zombie/other scary thing(s) there because the characters end up hiding in a room while this “thing” is trying to get in.
  • Movie closes with them driving away in the same car.
    *Made in the 80s or early 90s and set in the same time.

IDK how it is that they remember the movie at all with so little detail, but they claim it was something that came on TV often and was a made for TV movie.


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