Movie where someone renovates a mall

I believe I saw this movie about 5 years ago (2010), in English, not sure if it was on TV or not but I’m certain it wasn’t a show. It was in color.

As for the plot, the beginning scene involved the character who I believe is unemployed. He sees a commercial on TV I think for a “get rich quick” method or some sort of advertisement and he calls the number (and maybe gets his friends together.) Ultimately, they end up fixing up a mall or it at the very least takes place at an abandoned mall.  Sorry for being so vague, in fact I don’t even remember if the genre was comedy or horror, or possible a horror comedy.  Thank you


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      1. I’m thinking if that if this guy only saw the wolf parts or the John C Reilly character that’s where he got the horror part otherwise maybe hes thinking of someone else.

  1. Not that it matters anyway admin , but we are back into the season of submitters not confirming my solves so I doubt well ever know if i was right.

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