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Ok Guys lol I need your help I saw a trailer on Hulu a while back that was the upcoming movies coming out that was a more of a thriller a ya know who done it than romance but it’s came out this year or hasn’t yet and the movie was set in the 1800s with this young woman being forced to marry a man that was horrible and he was the master of the house and kind of controlled her a lot and then suddenly mysteriously disappeared and then the woman started getting happy that he was gone and then started an affair with some young man for a bit but then the husband suddenly returns and it was trick to see if she would stay faithful to him and then all I remember is that the husband wanted the affair to stop but then the other guy killed husband and the butler starts getting suspicious of the two thinking they killed the husband or the master of the house does any one remember this trailer on Hulu I desperately wanna figure it out cus it looks like a good thriller and the actress looked like Elizabeth Olsen but I googled her upcoming movies and she doesn’t have any films like that coming out right now so it’s got to be her or someone that resembles her I hope this helps so I can figure out the name of the movie

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