Movie set at the dawn of humanity with ash in a necklace?

I think the movie’s kind of old (maybe 60s/70s, but nothing is guaranteed when it’s such a distant memory). There’s a scene with a narrator who talks about the beginning of the world or possibly time itself. The earth is rough dirt and cracked. Lighting strikes a tree and the character (boy or man, i think possibly boy) has to take a small tube on a journey somewhere. I think he might have put ash in the tube, not sure. He has to get through a cave of winds and my brother seems to remember flying creatures of some sort (pterodactyls maybe) that he has to protect the tube he wheres as a necklace from. I don’t think the movie had any talking outside a narration and believe the main character has to sort of go through trials to take the tube somewhere. My brother believes the creatures may have been claymation, but I’m not so sure. He also remembers caves or cliffs seen from the outside that have so many holes they look almost sponge-like. Any help would be extremely appreciated!

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