Movie or TV show!!!

This movie OR TV show was produced before 2001. It could be somewhere between the 80’s til 2000’s.

All I can remember was the very beginning.

I thought it was the x-files episode but i looked through all the descriptions and i cant find anything like it.

A family is having dinner together at the table. Everyone starts eating and the son points out to the mom “you got ketchup on your shirt” And she wipes it off but realizes it’s a bloody nose. and then one thing leads to another where she is bleeding from her stomach somehow and then each of the family members get the same thing.

Then it shows someone trying to call 911 before they die but it’s already too late. They have fallen from their chairs bleeding out and the 911 operator is on the line still.

Thank you if you have any possible leads!!!

10 thoughts on “Movie or TV show!!!

    1. OH MY GOODNESS. thank you so much!!!!
      it is this episode from this show!
      you are a life savior!
      i dont even know this show, but I was like 5 and I remember just this particular scene.
      thank you 🙂

  1. I registered for WordPress after I solved this, so perhaps now you can link my name on the leaderboard to this post? Thank you.

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