Movie is about a women ( widow i think, but not sure ) and a young boy

I watched the movie while skipping the channels in TV.. It was in color as far as i remember.. saw it long back like 8 years. english movie..

The scenes i remember are : The women shows the guy some photoframes on the wall.. and she notices that the guy is actually looking at her breasts from the reflection.. and in the other scene she finds him masturbating inside a room putting something ( picture or bra ) belonging to woman in front of him.. ultimate scene is she calls the guy inside her bedroom while she sits on the bed asks the guy to come close and takes his hand and puts inside her skirt.. this is i remember.. tried for 1 year .. but had no luck… 🙁

21 thoughts on “Movie is about a women ( widow i think, but not sure ) and a young boy

  1. hey thanks chickhabit,, but door in the floor isn’t the movie i was looking for.. thanks anyways… my movie is most probably in black & white

  2. Krr90, I agree with ChickHabit that your film sounds like The Door in the Floor, but I can’t tell you what film you saw because I wasn’t there and these same bits could possibly be in another film I haven’t seen. I was just wondering what made you change your mind as far as your memory of the color was concerned. The first detail you gave in your original post was that the film was in color as far as you could remember, yet the only reason you’re giving for The Door in the Floor being the wrong film is that the film you’re looking for is probably black and white. Sorry, I’m not trying to interrogate you or anything, I was just hoping you could clear up some confusion or offer up any other information you may have recently remember about it since your original post.

  3. thanks for all the replies to chickhabit & robinsparkles.. door in the floor isn’t the movie i’m trying to find.. this is for sure without any confusion

    1. Yes, but is the film you’re trying to find in black and white or color? That was the confusion. You said color, and then you said black and white.

  4. So… It’s like Sin City? Black and white + some color here and there? Or is it one of those movies with a certain color scheme, like Book of Eli was mostly brown and black, The Road was mostly bluish-green and black…etc

    1. Ok Kr one more question. If you had to guess what year/decade its from what would you guess? Im guessing its black and white but a more modern movie given the masturbating etc.

  5. Ok but did it look old? how explicit was the masturbation?Did they show nudity? If we can narrow it down i could probably find it.

  6. no there was no nudity.. but you can tell just by seeing the action.. and in the bedroom scene the woman sits on the bed.. then the guy enters the room.. she then tells him to undress i think and she asks him to come close and takes his hand and puts it under her skirt.. i think after that the boy falls down not unconcsious but u knw what happens if somebody faces that situation..

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