Movie involving adoption

I saw movie on cable in early 00’s. Movie was late 90’s early 00’s. There was a married couple who took in a blonde boy ( either temp. or adopted outright, not sure ). The couple lived in a small community in a mountainous wooded area and ran some sort of store ( either gift or general store ). They had a debate early on regarding their ability to take care of a kid ( which may have been a convo discussing whether to make temp. permanent ). The kid may or may not have been related by blood. The boy had trust/resentment issues. He had doubts about the sincerity of the couple’s affection ( i.e. faked or at least wouldn’t last ). There was a grandfatherly figure ( may have been the father of the man or woman but otherwise a neighbor ) who taught the boy to fish. I remember a scene where the boy was about to jump in a lake ( with rocks or some other hazard ) and being told to be careful or don’t do that but the had a “what do you care” attitude. I may be confusing the next part with another movie but I believe the end or a near end scene dealt with the boy running away and being found on or near a cliff in heavy rain.

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