Movie from late 90s early 00s about fairy or pixie who can turn human

I saw this movie when I was young so it might be late 90s or early 00s. I saw it on TV when we had Dish.  I remember that there was a woman who is a pixie or fairy that can turn into human. When she turns human she is completely naked and goes to a house that belongs to a man with a young daughter. She falls in love with the man who doesn’t believe in magic but has to return to the forest to save her people from the evil man, wizard or something like that. They believe she is dead but she is alive and has decided to live as a human and is now a teacher at the girl’s school.  I found the name about a year ago but lost the paper on which I wrote it. I only remember it had a kinda long name.

6 thoughts on “Movie from late 90s early 00s about fairy or pixie who can turn human

      1. HaHa, that’s funny because I’ve never even heard of this one. I just found it after 10 seconds of research.

  1. “The Fairy Princess: Secret of the Crystal” (1999) aka “Dazzle”

    Each night, as widowed children’s author Tom Nightingale (Maxwell Caulfield) reads to his 8-year-old daughter Melissa (Charlotte Savage), a real fairy, Crystal (Chantelle Stander), listens outside the window. When she unexpectedly becomes human, Tom and Melissa must help change her back and return home. The mission may be enough to inspire the grieving Tom to return to his craft. Mia Sara and Jeff Fahey co-star.

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