Movie from Delta Inflight Queue Aug-15

I saw this movie in the list of inflight movies on Delta Airlines (through Air France) on a trip from USA to Germany in August 2015.  It was not one of the “new releases” I think.

Plot:  The main character is a girl and her brother is sick (dying?) in the hospital.  To feel closer to him, she starts to experience the things he loved most.  He really liked this one band and so she seeks them out and listens to a performance.  She gets to know the band lead singer and eventually falls in love with him.

I could of sworn Keira Knightly was the main female lead, but I couldn’t find this movie in her IMDB film listing.  Perhaps it’s an international film?  Language was in English.  Also, I think the title of the film was short – I have this vague impression of 1-2 words, but not a long title.

I’d appreciate if anyone recalls or finds out what this movie is and sends me the title so I can go watch it!  I regret not watching it on the plane flight as I can’t find it since.

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