Movie/documentary about surviving in the wilderness

A few years back, I saw a movie (or a documentary, I’m not quite sure) that told the story of three or four men alone in the wilderness. One was in the rainforest, the other in the desert, the third on top of some cold mountain, and I can’t remember where the fourth one was (if there even was a fourth one). They were all lost or injured, and struggling to survive, and in the end only one of them did (the one in the desert). The stories of the four men didn’t interact or have anything to do with each other. 

Does anyone know the name of this movie or documentary? I’ve been looking for it for the past two years, and it’s driving me crazy!

One thought on “Movie/documentary about surviving in the wilderness

  1. it sounds like a reality tv show that was on a few yrs ago called The Wheel, where at some point an alarm would go off & the men would get picked up & moved to the next location… so guy from rainforest would get picked up & moved to desert to try & survive…

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