Movie about war with Native Americans

So this may be a tricky one. I remember having watched this film (highly possible that it was a miniseries) when I was a kid, I am 24 now and I believe I was under the age of 10 when I watched this. I remember watching it on the TV, it was in color, and the actors used English. Based on the graphics I would say that the feature came out sometime after 1980. Here are the snapshot scenes that I remember: A white woman (middle age) is shot in the knee by an arrow during an attack by Native Americans, she is then approached by a Native American who wraps some sort of beaded leather around her injured knee. Another scene: a woman desperately clings to and cries in agony as her dead baby is taken away in a carriage (maybe a sled). Another scene: a woman (think she was Asian) and a man (African American) are surrounded by a group of outlaws?, the outlaws stab the man ( I think he was stabbed in the armpit/rib area. The Asian woman is then hung by the outlaws, she was wearing a red dress. I also remember the woman who was shot in the knee living in a house with other women, one of whom has a baby. Woman with the baby considers shooting her child during the Native American attack to spare her child from capture or a more gruesome death. At another point, the slaves or servants (I don’t know if they were slaves but I do remember that they were African American) are hung by the Native Americans (though its possible that someone else hung the slaves.

I really hope someone can help identify this movie/miniseries, I’ve read through dozens of descriptions of Westerns and nothing seems to quite fit. My mother, who also watched this, remembers the scenes I described but the not the name of the feature.

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