Movie about some kind of soundscape artist… I think.

It’s driving me crazy. I can see the actor’s faces but I don’t remember the names or the name of the movie. The main character kinda looks like Jake Gyllenhaal but I checked his movies but I couldn’t find him in a movie like that. I haven’t seen the whole movie yet but I think it’s kind of a funny/artsy movie about a brilliant sound-scape artist I believe.

  • it’s a more recent film probably between (2012-2015)
  • I saw a clip of it in 2015.
  • it may be an independent (but actors are well known)

I do remember a funny scene.

The scene takes place in a somekind of art museum/gallery type thing.

The characters are alone and the occasion is celebratory.

SCENE: A beautiful blonde woman (whom I believe is an art curator in the movie)  wearing a skin tight pleather or pvc skirt outfit approaches the main character with a glass of champagne.

She gives him the glass of champagne for a toast when he randomly comments on her attire and says something like: “Your leather pants, skirt thing that you’re wearing? I like the noise they made. Can you move like this?”(he kinda shuffles his butt)

Her expression goes from puzzled to amused.

She looks at him, Smiles, puts her glass down and shuffles her butt too as her attire makes the squeaking sound. The main then says “can I borrow them… to sample them?” and then they both look at each other and start kissing.

Thank you to anyone that can remember what this film is called. I know it’s hard with just a scene but THANK YOU!

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