Movie about guy in desert

So, it’s a movie about this guy who is in a desert. He goes to this town (kinda feels like star wars type towns, where it looks oldish), and not sure if he’s watching this or in it, but there’s this death contraption. Weird contraption where one person is tied to rope and has to fight to the death with others who are also tied, and other person is tied to contraption where if the person fighting dies or is pulled back far enough, then a metal spike impales them in the chest. After this, guy goes through desert. Finds these people living in tents. Some lady, priestess type person, tells him he has powers inside him to save people and teaches him his powers. Not sure about rest of movie, only really remember these 2 scenes. Watched maybe 10 years ago, so sometime before 2008. Main character was only really the one guy. Whole setting was kinda star wars type on Anakin’s home world.

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