Movie about a pornstar named Dick?

I watched a part of this movie when I was very young, probadly in the late 90’s or early 00’s. It was a colour movie, and the actors spoke english. I saw it on the TV and am pretty sure it was a movie. I only remember two scenes:

– the lead character (or one of them) is getting a blowjob by a rollerskating girl – this is in the middle or end of the movie.

– another character shoots at his wife/girlfriend whilst in bed with a man, when he discovers she is cheating on him. In an earlier scene we see her cheat on him as well, where he also discovers it.

I remember the plot being about a young boy, that due to certain “talents” becomes an pornactor, and is given the name Dick. But I’m not entirely sure.


Hope you can help. Thanks

5 thoughts on “Movie about a pornstar named Dick?

  1. Yes, that’s the one! Damn I’ve been trying to remember it for over a decade. Thank you! I probadly remember it as being Dick ’cause it seemed like a fitting name xD Mark Wahlberg sure looks nice.. thanks again!

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