Motorcycle and gas station in film

So, a few scenes I can recall from this movie involve a group of bikers at a gas station and a man and women on a motorcycle. Both are equally as odd. The first scene takes place near a garage/gas station with old green glass cylindrical pumps. I remember a lot of pine trees around the area, so I think it took place somewhere in the north west. One guy with wild curly hair is wearing wither a grey or light blue suit and takes either the hose or a rope attached to one of the pumps. Somehow, pressure begins to build up in the hose. The pump begins to tremble and shake. One of the bikers either throws something or shoots the pump. The shot is a POV of the bullet or the object racing towards the pump. It hits it and the liquid inside the tank is seen boiling harder and harder. Suddenly, it takes off like a rocket and rips the rope or hose away from the man in the suit. One shot I remember very clearly is a shot from the stratosphere looking down as the pump skyrockets up and out of the frame.

The other scene I remember from the same movie (I think) is where a man makes love to a woman on his motorcycle. The woman lusts over the man so much, that pieces of his motorcycle begin to fall apart bit by bit.

Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

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