modern black and white movie

That’s a little tricky, considering i never saw the movie (just a trailer in an arthouse cinema), but it intrigued me.

it’s black and white, but not an old movie (i’m guessing somewhere between 1990-2005, but maybe older). the scene i recall in the trailer involves a large man (of John Goodman-like stature) in a suit, walking on the street. I think he is blind (he has sun-glasses and a walking stick). Papers fly all around him. By the trailer alone, it looked like a quite odd movie.

That’s not much, i know. but thank you anyway…

2 thoughts on “modern black and white movie

    1. no, it felt more like an arthouse, small budget-movie. And the large man is not especially muscular, just overweight.

      i’m reducing the year-span : i was young when i saw the trailer, so it can’t be a film made after 2000.

      thank you for the suggestion though, it gives me hope for the future 🙂

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