It’s a part of a movie I saw in a compilation sequence about abuse (mostly towards women) … the sequence shows a weird looking creepy guy lording over some blonds that are in stocks or tied to a cross .. the movie is in German or at least that is what it sounded like to me. Then you see him holding the handles that manuver puppets pulling strings that are attached to 2 blonds dressed line the tin man or something … He is basically torturing these women who it seems like he has kidnapped. That’s about all I can remember …. I can go back to it and see if I can remember more if anyone needs me to.

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From the age of 15 my first band "The Beautiful Beasts" in Madrid..... to the indian ocean on destroyers and aircraft carriers to Home Cookin with Denny King famed blues guitarist touring the midwest and Nevada to Ron Pearceson and the Ron Dons reopening the Sands back in 82 in Vegas in Vegas working up and down the Vegas strip .... to Full House 3 guys and 2 girls blowin out a Vegas to Chicago on a whim ... gettin' picked up in Chicago by a club owner in Fraibanks Alaska to come fill his joint up there which we did ... picked up by the Sheraton in Anchorage ... leaving the band to go to the Tundra to shoot promo videos for the Kuskakwim school district in Tuleksak Tuntetuliak and other villages of 100 to 200 hundred people in a village watchin' the sun set over the horizon at midnite in the middle of the Alaskan winter or summer or what ever it was .... picked up to front a band in Costa Rica called "Fly" ... blowin' out a Costa Rica to "La Costa Del Sol" Marbella Spain where the Stones hang in the winter partyin' there with all them and all the top rank English criminals because there is no extradition treaty with England so they all hang on that coast ... I was basically there boy ... I'm talkin Al Capon type John Goddy type ... top mafia guys .. I mean the TOP guys ... They built a club or should I say made a club specially for me to sing in for them ... it was a riot ... blowin' out of Spain to the Carribean ending up in Haiti where they threw out the president and things got hot ... blowin' back to the states with my skin still on my body .... to end up here in LA with an album of 13 songs in 3 major languages Spanish French and English no accent in any language ... they are all native tongues to me .... currently in LA doin' odd music jobs and a show I put together of international songs.

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