Medieval guy with gun

I remember seeing this movie when I was about 12 or so years old. The scene I remember was this bearded guy wearing medieval style clothing getting a knife thrown into his shoulder. He pulls out a modern pistol and starts shooting at the attacker. He then runs through some thick grass where he gets attacked by a lion.

The movie was in English, in color, and I saw it on TV and I believe it was shown on the Syfy channel (when it was called Scifi). I believe it takes place in a post apocalyptic world.

5 thoughts on “Medieval guy with gun

    1. It was not that movie. The gun the character used, if I remember correctly, was a colt 1911. I do not recall any time travel in the film.

    1. Okay, I want to clear up any misunderstandings and be more specific. The scene had a bearded guy wearing peasant style clothing. The movie took place in the future (post-apocalyptic, I think). The bearded guy gets a knife thrown into his shoulder and he starts shouting some weird name as he is pulling out a modern pistol and shooting at the person who threw the knife. He then pursues the attacker into some tall grass and gets pounced on by a lion.

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