maybe 90’s “kids” movie?

there was this movie i watched as a kid, and i always used to think it was a version of the secret garden because the film quality and aesthetics were very similar (meaning turn of the century looking) except it had a dark haired girl. i just remember one scene, and it was the girl, in a white nightgown, waking up and going into the dining room where (i believe) her parents had hosted a dinner party the night before, but she finds all the guests, parents included, dead from poison or gas or something that didn’t overly disturb their positions. there was a lot of white and it looked kinda hazy, like how the india scenes looked in ‘a little princess.’ unfortunately, that’s all i remember and it hasn’t helped me find it, yet

it was in color (like it said, it reminded me of movies from early the early to mid 90s), i think i saw it on tv as i would have remembered it better if i had rented it and watched it again, and it was in english, possibly even british but i feel like not

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