Maybe 1980 – son touch breast father’s young wife

I saw this movie maybe in the late 80’s or early 90’s.

There was this teenager boy, his mother had died, and father took a new young blonde wife. The scene was: father was away, the boy came in the night to his new “mother” complaining he had a bad dream and that he always came to sleep with mom and dad because afraid and asks to lay down. They talk awhile, and he asks to touch her breasts and wonders that they are soft and asks does it hurt when you stump into something with your breasts.

That’s what I remember. I would like to see it another time is someone recognizes the scene.

4 thoughts on “Maybe 1980 – son touch breast father’s young wife

  1. Thank you very much
    you got it right, and I see I remembered all not quite right…
    This was my first time using this site and I didn’t think someone recognizes it, so I forgot about my request up until now
    thanks you once more
    how do I close this quest…?

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