Masked/gloved man in fancy secret apartment. Mengele experiment. Fire. Kidnapped woman.

-Date: I’m not entirely sure, but I think I watched it on Netflix a year or so ago

-Language: I believe it was in either German, French, or English

-Where seen: I think on Netflix. It was definitely a movie.

-Extras: in color, recently made, setting somewhere in Europe (Germany, France, UK)

-Description: A woman wakes up in some secret underground apartment (I can’t remember if she was kidnapped or otherwise ended up there another way). The resident of the apartment is a man who wears a mask and gloves, never taking them off. He makes her breakfast. The apartment is full of art and statues and books, almost museum-like. There’s some fancy mirror somewhere and a scene takes place there. The woman at some point is in a cell where she is tortured every day. The only thing keeping her going is a letter she finds hidden in the wall that’s a first hand account of a previous woman being tortured there. When she escapes she realizes the person holding her captive and torturing her was the masked/gloved man. She’s furious and I think leaves. At some point it becomes known that the masked/gloved man was one of the people experimented on by the Angel of Death (Mengele), a nazi doctor who did experiments on twins, handicapped, elderly. The man was referred to as his cell number, and because of the experiments he developed super immunity to either disease (I think). There was a fire at the place where Mengele did the experiments and the man survived but had burns all over his body hence the mask and gloves. At some point the woman comes back. The police I think are after the masked man. I’m not sure if he gets shot, but they’re in the metro station and at some point the woman puts him (I think he was dying?) on a metro car full of flowers and bombs and sends it off to blow up. I think for some reason I can’t remember there were protests going on in the general public that were taking place at the same time as this metro car explosion.

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