Man’s Drawing Comes To Life and Kills Him?60s/70s maybe

Sometime in the early to mid 2000s I remember watching this color movie on TV. In it a man in a big, nice house in the woods starts seeing a man who looks just like a drawing of his. I remember a distinct scene where the man looks up from his desk in his study and sees the man from his drawing standing outside. He lives with his wife who doesn’t see creepy drawing man and he goes crazy and is eventually killed by drawing man. THEN it’s revealed that drawing man was real and the man’s wife’s lover. It was in color and they spoke English. It seemed old to me then, now I think it was from the 60s or 70s, I was somewhere between 3 and 6 when I saw it on TV. I watched a lot of weird old movies as kids and I’d like to revisit them now, thanks in advance !

7 thoughts on “Man’s Drawing Comes To Life and Kills Him?60s/70s maybe

  1. It’s a great british horror anthology movie with 4 stories, this is the first story and my personal favorite. It’s about a writer of horror stories being haunted by his latest creation, a mad strangler named Dominic.

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