Man with mental powers.

I saw a movie a long time ago, around 1978, and it was about a man (magician or illusionist) that could make other people see and hear what he wanted them too. In the movie, around the beginning, the movie shows him as a performer doing tricks, then he goes and stays at a mans’ house as a guest, they are having a party to celebrate, drinks are served and people are drinking and eating snacks. The next thing I remember is that he is cutting up carrots for a dish and makes it appear that he cuts off his finger. A lady next to him is screaming and he shows her that it was a carrot that he cut and not his finger. Next I remember a scene where the man is being questioned by someone of authority in a small room. The man totally makes the authority figure believe he sees him float in mid air and he really is just sitting down in a chair smoking or eating something, He does these things with the power of his mind. I cannot remember this movie…

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    1. Yes, this is the movie, but when I watched it on TV is was titled “The Ministers’ Magician” (spelling might night be correct). This is what has thrown me all these years, I could never remember the name of the movie, only after you pointed out that the US name of the film is “Harlequin” I was able to research and find the name used in the TV release of the movie.

      1. Glad I could help. 🙂 I came across it looking for obscurities to review for a website but never got around to watching it. It’s not usually a good sign when one movie has that many titles, but it looks interssting and has a great cast.

    1. Yes, yet another name that this movie has been released as. I remember when I saw the film I wanted to find it again later but did not write down anything about the movie. I relied on my memory and as the years went by I had forgotten most of what I was to remember to find it later. The different covers and names to the DVD release of this film also contributed to me not being about to identify it for many, many years.
      Thank you.

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