Man loses his artificial girlfriend and and goes on a dengeros trip to find a replacment

the movie looks like made in the 80s , the setting looks like mad max in a way of desert and bandits, in color, in English i have seen it on tv and DVD i always thought the girl was Meg Ryan but i couldn’t find it in her movie list or biography, it talks about i think a time in the future, a man who has a blond girlfriend who after an incident with water get her electrocuted and stop functioning, the man take her to fix her and  find out that her model is discontinued and the only place he can find a replacement is in a far and dangerous place which he needs a guide to take him there, he is given a name and goes employ this person to his shock it was a girl which in my memory looks like Meg Ryan, we find that she is replacing her father who died not long ago, he promise her lots of money and she take him during the journey they face a lots of obstacles until they arrive there to the run down factory and we see inside rows and rows of hanging dolls he looks for the one he wanted and activate her  then they try to run away back but they find that the plane can’t hold three passengers so the guide drop out of the plane and leaves him with his girlfriend to go to safety, he looks at his girl and looks back at the guide who is by now in an shooting fight with a group of bandits he then decides to drop his girlfriend and rescue the guide which he finds he has sinister feeling  for her.

thx for anyone who can help

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  1. The movie you’re looking for is ‘Cherry 2000’ (1987) starring a pre-plastic surgeried Melanie Griffith (who looked her very best) and David Andrews great film with a fabulous soundtrack. Look for a very young Lawrence Fishburn in one of his first roles. Available on DVD.

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