Man levitating decapitating priests with sword in church


I need help identifying a horror flick I saw in the mid 80’s.  The movie was in color, in the English language, and I saw it on TV (most likely a VHS rental).

All i can remember is that the main character was a college or grad student, who was seemed to be a Bio major because I remember him experimenting in a lab.  With one of his experiments he became possessed by the devil or a demon.

The main scene I remember is him levitating in the air with a sword and he starts decapitating priests inside of a church.  I also remember the statues in the church bleeding from their eyes in this scene.  The scene takes place in the night and I believe it was raining as well.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.  It has been killing for years not knowing what movie this is.



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  1. Thanks for the reply but it’s not EvilSpeak. The main character in the in the movie I’m inquiring about is not a bullied military cadet.

    1. yes, but you described the climax of Evilspeak, down to the bleeding statue of Christ.. i am absolutely certain that it is the movie you are looking for.

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