Man in present wakes up from deep sleep on spaceship to find his “present” experiences were just a dream influenced by surrounding events

From reddit, saw this and now I need to know, should be noted it’s already been confirmed it’s not Life On Mars:

Got a link for a movie that wasn’t the intended. I was bored so said wth I’ll see what it is. Loved it. Problem is, I closed the window before realizing that I had no idea what the movie was called! Here’s what I remember….

A seemingly average looking guy is on earth in 1990. (If I remember correctly) and he’s just going about his business with a lady he has an apparent thing for and his four male friends. Well throughout the movie things keep happening that make you wonder if he’s going crazy, the world is ending and only he realizes, or aliens or some crap. Really you have no idea the entire movie wth is going on. Until the end. I DONT remember the build up but at some point he wakes up….get this….. In a freaking spaceship. He’s been in a deep sleep pod this entire time and the people from his “dream” were his crew members, the girl being one of them. Turns out the weird things happening in his dream were the impact t of things on his sleep pod. Like a meteor shower caused an earthquake or something. Anyways if you seem to know this PLEASE help! I scoured the internet for 4 hours and came up with nothing :(:(:(

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