Man Assaulting a Woman in Her Underwear

Here are 3 stills from the same scene in a film that I am trying to identify. In the scene, a man in a dark suit is assaulting a woman in black underwear and nylons. The film was probably made in the late 1950s or early 1960s, but it has to predate 1965, when the book these stills appeared in was published.


6 thoughts on “Man Assaulting a Woman in Her Underwear

  1. The woman looks like Carroll Baker. I’m not sure if it’s actually her, or what film it could be, but I thought of her right away.

  2. From the look of the wall telephone in your second image, I would suggest this is either a British or possibly French movie, It has the styling of a “GPO” (UK) phone, indeed from the late 1950s or early 1960s.

  3. Yes, Cotopaxi, from looking at the furnishings I had the same feeling that it was either a British or Continental European film. I’m glad that you agree; that should help narrow things down.

    RobinSparkles: There is some resemblance to Carroll Baker and I know she made some films overseas. I’ll have to check it out.

    1. That’s pretty raw looking for A British movie from that period. And it is hard to think what movie from there it could be. But that made me think of The Rough and the Smooth (Portrait of a Sinner), which is pretty kinky for its period, but that blonde doesn’t look the blonde star of that one, Nadja Tiller. I saw it a long time ago., caught it on TV. It should have been in that book..

  4. Good point Will. The British censors wouldn’t have liked that scene. I think Spain was pretty strict back then, too. That narrows it down even more. So we’re probably looking at a French film or maybe one of those multinational european coproductions.

    How do you people feel about the possibility of it being Italian or German?

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