magic world with floating rock monsters that spit out sparkles

I’m trying to find the name of this movie that was about (if i remember correctly) two kids who somehow are brought to some alternate magic world…I cant remember how they got there…

The bits I can remember about the world is. it had something to do with large swamp vats that had meatball looking, or rock like creatures that floated and spat out sparkles.  There was also something to do with butterfly people or something to that idea who came out of these swamp things (If i’m recalling correctly)

definitely an 80’s or early 90’s movie, very light coloured (not a dark or gory feel)

Anyone know this movie?

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  1. i cant remember this one movie were a women has a little boy and she dropped him off at the bus stop then she goes back home and she was with her friend in the kitchen and people break through the window and kiddnap her and they take her some were and lock her in a atic she finds a way to contact a man and he helps save her and i want to beleve it is paul walker but not sure

  2. I believe I am looking for the same movie. I think I might be mixing things together, but I have in mind a spherical monster that kinda looked like a criter. But what is the key is that pit where people were thrown and if they were saying the truth they came out with wings (like butterflies), otherwise they were eaten. It was like a tribunal of some sort. I search it so many times.

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