lots of snow

I saw parts of this movie a few years ago & searched everywhere but can’t find the name of it.  It was made before 2013 and I only remember a few bits of it.  This movie is similar to “the day after tomorrow”.  In the movie, there is a really bad snow storm and everything freezes.  The people are in a bank in the city and they are burning money to stay warm.  One lady freezes to death and her husband (clearly upset) takes off his coat to run out into the cold weather essentially commiting suicide.  One of the other people try to take the dead womans fur coat but the others do not let him take it.  I remember a couple of them ended up leaving in a vehicle and they came across a few people in the military.  They thought the people in the military were going to help but they were looting and killing others to stay alive.  The people were trying to get to a submarine that was going to take them to a warmer climate.  In the end, they reached the sub.  This may have been a “made-for-tv-movie” because I didn’t recognize any of the actors

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  1. Since you’re satisfied, Rob, we’ll mark it “Solved.” Congratulations on your first solve, SaberVectors!

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