Looking for two movies



I’m looking for two Movies. I dont know so much, just few sceenes.

Movie 1: is about a man/ woman who tries to change a car accident. And we see how this effect present day, and have to change over and over. And I just remember a scene where a woman sings beautiful in a bar, a cabin in the Woods.
English Movie, in colors. I saw it on TV (in Norway) for 8/9 years ago.

Movie 2: is a Movie my mother have asked me about for many years. Its about (sorry if I’m being a bitch) a black/dark woman who runs from a violent husband, and she ends up in a town (I think) where there are Three woman who takes care of her. And she Plays piano and sings. I think the husband find her.
English Movie, in colors.
My mother belived it was Whoopie Goldberg in the main character. But I’ve given up the search!

Sorry for my bad English  (I’m from Norway and dont use it often 😀 )

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Girl from Trondheim in Norway. Grew up watching Disney Movies that my mother have collected from her childhood. And we still got all of them!

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