Little House on the Prarie-type movie?

I originally watched this movie in the 2000s. Maybe 2007? The movie was in color, and looked like it was made anywhere from the 70’s to 90’s. It was in English.

It had a little house on the prairie vibe. If I remember correctly, people rode horses. I remember one scene very clearly.

There was a little girl and her younger sister wanted to play with her doll. The doll meant a lot to the girl, she didn’t want to her sister to have it. When her little sister took it behind her back, the young girl went straight to her mother and told her what happened. Her mother told her to let her sister play with it.

In a heartbroken rage, the girl ran away from her house. Her younger sister started chasing after her, saying she was sorry. The girl ran into the woods and was faced with a big stream. There was a log that went across the stream. She walked across with ease. Her little sister tried to follow her, but fell off the log, drowning. The last thing I can remember is a man telling the girl something along the lines of “Only God has hands that can reach into water that deep,” after she told him her sister fell in.

If I remember correctly, there may have been a time skip at the end where she was older and happy, dancing. But again, I’m not positive.

I know this isn’t much to go off on, but I really hope you could help me! It’s really bugging me.

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