Little boy dies due to irresponsible parents.

I saw this about 20 years ago on TV. It was in color, and English. It’s definitely made for tv, possibly Lifetime. What I remember is a young child is choking and he cries for his parents, but they ignore him and have sex instead and the boy winds up choking to death. I mainly remember that part because it made me so mad that they just ignored his cries (he was only about 2 or 3). I think at some point we find out that his older sister heard him crying too, but she didn’t help him because she was jealous of the attention he always got.

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  1. I looked into this. i don’t remember the child’s spirit coming back to communicate with his mother aspect of the film (but it was 20 years ago!) but the other details seem to check out. So I’d say this is solved…now if I could find the film to watch somewhere!
    Thanks for your help

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