Like American Gothic but earlier.

I watched in early 80’s and it’s in color, B type TV movie. There were no famous actors.

A group of young adults lost (maybe) out in the forest, come to a cabin. People live there, let them sleep there but someone is killing them off one by one. I think there was a lady with short red hair. There was only one survivor, a blonde (maybe).

She escaped by climbing a tall steep cliff (I think). At the end you see her limping and crosses an indoor bridge type thing. I keep picturing it yellow, the bridge. When she reaches the other end, I think there’s a security guard ,(older)who may or may not be a good guy. Maybe she lost it by now and she starts attacking him hysterically. I think he just calms her down. I think the bad guy is seen coming at the other end, maybe kills the guard bit she kills him, thus, surviving.

I’ve posted this now for the 4th time. Nobody else must have watched but me. lol so the person who gets this is quite the movie buff. I watched it alone on the weekend I think. That’s when we had a good movie to watch, I’m from a village of 700 people in the north slope. We used to get maybe 13 or less channels so my weekends were fun watching tv specials. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Like American Gothic but earlier.

  1. Possibly, Just Before Dawn (1981). This is the 5th time you have posted this. You could have used the search function to check the replies to your previous post.

    1. No but thanks for trying. I go through 80’s slasher movies every now and then but can never find it. ‘The Boogens’ was one I was anle to find that I always thought about. It was a happy accident as I was searching for this movie. lol

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