Late-90’s HBO Late NIght Movie About Escaped Convicts who Invade a Home and Kill the Husband

It’s an HBO “Late Night” movie that I saw in the Late 90’s, I’m fairly sure; so I imagine that it was made in either the Mid 90’s or the Late 90’s (or it possibly could’ve been made in 2000 or 2001, but definitely no later than that).

2 or more escaped convicts invade a home during the day, (it’s a nice home, but not a huge mansion), and the husband & wife are home at that time. The wife is a beautiful young brunette woman, in her early-to-late 20’s; and the husband is a middle-aged, somewhat meek, but kind, shorter, bald man. You get the idea that she is a young, trophy wife, but the husband is kind to her and treats her well.

One of the convicts (the main one) is either the actor Steve Railsback, or an actor that looks just like him. (But please know that I went through Steve Railsback’s entire IMDB Filmography for this time-span and I didn’t find this movie.) Another hint is that this main convict always reminded me of the actor Eric Roberts, but I’m 99% sure that it’s not Eric Roberts.

Anyhow, fairly early on, this main convict shoots and kills the husband, leaving the wife alone with the convicts. Shortly thereafter, the main convict ends up seducing the wife and having sex with her, and she goes along with it because she basically has no other choice. They have sex in her bed, and she is topless for at least part of the scene.

I stopped watching the movie right after this scene, so I never got to find out what happened. Does anyone know the title of this movie? Any help is much appreciated, and thank you in advance for reading this!

4 thoughts on “Late-90’s HBO Late NIght Movie About Escaped Convicts who Invade a Home and Kill the Husband

    1. Thanks for the attempt, some aspects are close, but this movie is too old to be the one I’m thinking of. I appreciate you trying to help, though! šŸ™‚

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