late 80’s early 90’s weird movie

Ok so I had to have been at least 8 or 9 at the time so 97-98 and I walked in on My parents watching this movie. They had fallen asleep but I Remember it was in color, it was in english and had to have been something they rented. This is how I saw “Lost Highway” so that movie had come out already when I saw this movie as well.

What I remember from the movie (I might be placing multiple movies together from memory here) are:

There was an investigator looking at a body that had its arms and legs cut off and the body was lying on its back. it was a male body dressed in nice clothes I believe. I think it was at the bottom of the crater in Arizona. I believe that was the overall setting was desert.

There was a cook that got hit in the throat by some glass and I think he wasn’t able to talk after that. I think a bulb or something exploded.

The most memorable scene I can remember is towards the end where the guy is on his back and its from his point of view and there is a guy going to smash every bone in his body with a sledgehammer but I think something interrupts that from happening.

I also think there was a head that fell out of a freezer at some point….

I hope some of you may know what I’m talking about because It’s plagued Me for so long. I just remember it being really weird! Thank You everyone!

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