Lady escapes prison in a casket and is buried alive

Hi everyone, so I’m not sure when this movie came out originally but I saw it on tv in the 90’s. There’s a female prisoner who makes a deal with a prison employee. The deal was that the next time someone in the prison dies she would go into the room with the casket and sneak in next to the dead body. The employee would wait until they actually burry the dead person and then go dig her out. So she hears (maybe a siren) or something that lets her know someone just died. She goes and sneaks into the casket next to the body. She feels the casket go in the ground and continues to wait. She realizes it’s taking long and she struggles to get matches out of her pocket and lights a match to see who’s next to her, only to find out its the employee that is supposed to dig her out. I would love to know if anyone saw it or knows what it’s called.

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