Kitchen rape

I only remeber this scene from the movie….there is this bald man with moustache and the scene begins with a focus on his eye…then he says ” I didnt do anything, he wanted it, he wanted me to fuck him, he asked for it’….then it loos like a flashback of what happened and we see this bald man having already the victim on the floor who seems drugged because he wont move…they seem like theyre on the kitchen floor…the bald man undresses himself and undresses the young guy laying on the floor and starts to fuck him..then as he fucks the young guy he record some video cause he has a camera by himself…after he finishes the bald man takes the guy on a bed whit a red blanket a leaves him there to sleep until he wakes up…thats all i remember please help me
I need this please help me if this scene ive scene is only an erotic scene long at around 10 minutes only or is there a full film about it…please help me…tnx

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