Please help me! I’m trying to find this movie a very long time now, but have no clue how. At this point i’m starting to think, that ive dreamed it out. So its about mental unstable boy who got in the asylum?, from where he escaped by killing nurse and dressing up in her clothes. When he came out, police officer offered to take him somewhere and started to sexualy harrassing him, and the boy killed him to… The main thing in this movie was that he started to kidnaping little girls and killing their mothers so that he can make his own family. If the girl tried to escape, he would kill here and kidnap next one. At the end hi kidnapped also a women, than this women and the girl killed him….. Happy end.

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  1. You didn’t dream it! I saw this, too. I’m thinking maybe an episode of Criminal Minds. I’ll keep thinking about it (even if I don’t want to, now!) and try to remember what it is.

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