Killer Movie???

Good day all.

I am hoping someone can help me, finally, figure out this movie. I saw it in the late 90s, it was on VHS. There are two primary scenes I remember, and one signature line.

In the first scene, at the start of the movie, a circus is happening. Two of the clowns get killed, and their faces carved off. The killer ends up using one of those faces, through most of the movie.

The second scene, is towards the end. The main couple are escaping the killer, when he knocks the female down the stairs, pins her against the wall, and says “now let’s see what’s behind that pretty face of yours”. The male lead hits the killer with a board, and they escape.

This movie has been stuck in my head for years, and I can’t seem to find record of it anywhere.

Thank you, in advance, for all the help.

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