Kidnapped children being sacrified

Hello all. I hope someone can help me track down this movie memory.

This movie was probably made in the 1950s or 60s. It was most likely in color, and used American English. It aired on television in the late 1960s and/or early 70s, more than once, but I don’t know how often or what time of year. I suspect this is one of those Old Testament biblical epic style movies (like “The Ten Commandments”) but it may be one of those dystopian fantasy-based movies (like “Conan the Barbarian.”) It is not either of those movies; it is also not “Beastmaster,” ”Krull,” “The Story of Ruth, “or “Noah’s Ark.” (Some of those are from the wrong time period, but they are past suggestions so I’m including them for the sake of completeness.)

In this movie, there is a group of oppressed people who wander about in a desert landscape. They live peacefully, herding animals and such, but one day they are attacked and a bunch of their children are stolen by some bad guys who live in a city. Perhaps all the children are stolen.

A group of good, strong fighting warrior men are gathered to try to recover the children. They steal clothes (or uniforms) so they look like city dwellers and infiltrate the city. They discover the children are being held at some temple and are being scarified to a pagan god, or an idol, or something like that. They have some people inside the city who help them a little bit—mostly by helping them hide better so the bad guys don’t recognize them.

Two of the men are at a bar/inn/gathering place with food, trying to gather information so they can sneak in the temple, when a city man rushes in. He is very excited and waving around a bloodstained dress. He gleefully tells everyone that he was allowed to kill one of the captive children himself. One of the warrior men recognizes the dress as his little sister’s, and realizes she is already dead. He starts to become very upset and his companion must get him out of the bar quickly before anyone there realizes what is going on.

There may have been a lady who helped them who wore a red head scarf. However, this memory might be from another movie.

I welcome all suggestions. Thank you very much.

2 thoughts on “Kidnapped children being sacrified

    1. Thank you for this suggestion, Livinghead. It took me a bit to track down the movie you suggested so that I could compare it to what I’m looking for. Sadly, this movie is not a match.
      If you have any other suggestions, please offer them. I will continue to look for this movie. I appreciate all your efforts.

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