Kid visits stranger’s home with a scary monster watching TV

Ok, here’s one that has been puzzling me for years. It is a scene from a movie (or a TV series episode, unfortunately I can’t tell) that I saw on Italian television when I was a child, approximately fifteen years ago.

All I remember is this kid in a sort of bar/penny arcade, who is approached by a man that for some reason brings him to his home. Once there he starts introducing the kid to the members of the family, and at some point they enter a dark room where there is this ugly creature watching an old b/w cartoon on television (almost sure it was an early Mickey Mouse toon). They see it from behind and the man expresses sorrow, then they leave as he doesn’t want the kid to see. The scene really scared me out, and I immediately ran to my parents’ bed.

Unfortunately I can’t remember more, except it had an 80’s look (I’m pretty sure of it).

Thanks for your help! 😀

4 thoughts on “Kid visits stranger’s home with a scary monster watching TV

    1. Oh my.. I just saw that part of the movie, I’m pretty sure you got it! Thank you! Even though it’s not that scary I’m not surprised that it freaked me out as a kid.
      I also have to say that I really like The Twilight Zone nowadays (the original series as well as the 80’s one), and I knew there was a movie, but for some reason I’ve never decided to watch it. It would have been great to discover the scene by myself!

  1. it’s an image that leaves an impression, especially when you’re young. that’s why i thought it might be your movie. Joe Dante directed that segment, i believe. it does show his unmistakable creepy/comical touch.

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